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RIA Partner Services

Via our partnerships with top quality Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), you enjoy new access to the following services and benefits. Using technology, we've radically reduced the cost of such services. Read more below, including details on pricing.


What services are you providing me?

Holistic Financial Advice:

-Portfolio management

-Retirement planning

-Estate planning

-College planning

-Tax efficiency

-Insurance advice


What are the benefits?

-Concrete financial plan aligned with your goals and values

-Tax-efficient diversified portfolio

-On-demand access to a financial expert

-Greater confidence in your financial future


What is the pricing structure?

-Our RIA partners charge a percentage of your assets for full service advice including investment management.

-If you are interested in just getting a financial plan with investment management, our partners charge a flat fee and provide 12 months of support to assist you in implementing your plan.


Do these advisors act in my best interest?

-Yes. Our RIA partners are held to the fiduciary standard which means they have a legal obligation to always act in your best interest.


How does Openfolio make money from this?

-We are paid a referral fee for clients we recommend. Our fee never impacts the client cost of service and we only recommend users that can benefit from this service. We are also a regulated business held to the fiduciary standard and always have to act in your best interest as well.

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